Debunking 5 Reasons To Vote For Donald Trump

Over the past 4 years I have heard so many reasons (excuses) from people who voted for Trump in 2016 and/or are planning to vote for him in 2020. Here are the top 5 reasons debunked.

1) Trump Is A True Conservative

It is naive to think that Donald Trump has any true affiliation. A quick look at his life story can show you that Trump always aligns himself with whomever or whatever benefits him the most at any given time.

2) Trump Cares About The Little People

The only interaction Donald Trump has had with blue collar workers is when he stiff them on the bills they agreed upon and Trump decided on not paying after the job was done.

Moreover a study done by Aaron Flaaen and Justin Pierce, economists at the Federal Reserve Board, studied the effects of the unusual tariff escalation imposed by the U.S. against its trading partners — China found that “manufacturing employment was reduced by 1.4 percent as a consequence of the trade war. Beyond reducing manufacturing employment, the study concluded that producer prices increased, but that manufacturing output did not. So the tariffs didn’t just hurt the economy as a whole, but damaged the manufacturing sector specifically.”

This brings us to the third reason:

3) Donald Trump Improved The US Economy

However, something happened along the way that did require Donald Trump to take action. The Pandemic happened. The whole world changed. At the beginning there was a little bit confusion. This was an unknown territory. Some countries spring to action quicker than others to save their citizens and their economy. What did Donald Trump do? He continued doing nothing. He didn’t take the necessary actions to stop the virus from spreading. He denied that the virus existed and that it was as bad as the media made it out to be. He initially said it was a hoax. Then, he said the virus will go away by itself. He refused to listen to scientists and he refused to encourage people to wear a mask.

It wasn’t like he didn’t know how bad the virus was. In an interview with journalist Bob Woodward, Donald Trump admitted to know how deadly the virus was, and he still refused to do anything about it. He rallies his supporters to protest against the states that shutdown their cities in order to stop the virus in addition to discouraging them to wear a mask in public. What were the results of his clean mismanagement of the virus? It spread like wildfire. The Coronavirus has now claimed the life of more than 200,000 Americans and in addition to that, it has created an unemployment and economic crisis like which we have never seen in decades.

4) Donald Trump Is The Law & Order President

The President of the United states was asked to share his opinion on the clash between those attending a Neo-Nazis and people protesting it, he said there were there were “very fine people on both sides”.

The President of the United States called Football players peacefully protesting police brutality “Sons of Bitches”.

The President of the United States when asked to condemn the White Supremacist group Proud Boys, a group categorized by the FBI as an extremists, said “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by”.

These are just a few examples in which Donald Trump fueled the racial tensions in our country which has resulted in the civil unrest in the entire country.

5) Donald Trump Is A Friend Of Israel

It is a absolutely foolish notion that Barack Obama was “a friend of the Muslim countries” and that Donald Trump is a “friend of Israel”. It is an even more preposterous belief that the “Democrats” are anti-Israel. The state if Israel is an ally of the United States and no matter who the president is, that fact never changes. There are those presidents who would like to see a more fair treatments of ALL people around the world and thus, they adjust the foreign policies to reflect that philosophy. That does not mean that they are anti-Israel or pro-Palestine.

Avi Shlaim from Guardian writes: “Obama’s actual record over his eight years in office makes him one of the most pro-Israeli American presidents since Harry S Truman. Obama has given Israel considerably more money and arms than any of his predecessors”.

He further writes: “That Obama detests Netanyahu is common knowledge. What is less well known is that Obama’s personal antipathy towards the prime minister co-exists with a genuine commitment to the welfare and security of the Jewish state”.

Bonus: Donald Trump Will Stand Up To Iran

In June of 2019, Donald Trump said “The fact is we’re not going to have Iran have a nuclear weapon,” he said as he left the White House for a weekend at the Camp David presidential retreat. “And when they agree to that, they are going to have a wealthy country, they’re going to be so happy and I’m going to be their best friend.”

The only thing that Donald Trump has done regarding Iran is to pull out of the Nuclear agreement that Obama along with our European allies signed with Iran, which by all measures was working until Donald Trump took office. In Addition, Trump imposed crippling sanctions of Iran which did not have the effect that Trump thought it would and was a definitely failure.

Alex Ward of Vox writes: “Trump has little to show for his efforts. Iran’s leadership remains in power and is no closer to reaching a new diplomatic pact with the US over its nuclear program. North Korea’s nuclear and missile arsenals have grown in numbers and strength. And Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, still shows no sign of letting control of the country slip through his clenched fist”. He further write: “US sanctions are directly responsible for deepening financial crises in all three nations… but that devastation has hurt millions of people in those countries much more than it has helped the Trump administration achieve its goals, making it easier for regimes to blame the US — and not themselves — for the pain”.

All Trump has done is hurt the people of Iran who are struggling to survive the financial crisis and they see United States, not the government of Iran as the enemy, hurting the relationship that Obama worked so hard to build with the people of Iran.



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Piran Zarifian

“Change is the end result of all true learning.” ~ Leo Buscaglia