Donald Trump Is Going To Be Reelected And Here Is How:

On September 29, 2016, a little over a month prior to the 2016 Presidential Election, I wrote my first ever story on Medium. It was titled: Donald Trump Can And Will Be Our Next President.

before I continue, I have to clear a few things up. First of all, I am not a Psychic.

Secondly, I am in no way shape or form a supporter of Trump, I did not vote for him in 2016, I didn’t want him to be my president nor do I wish for him to be reelected in 2020.

Let’s go back a couple of years.

in 2016 we really didn’t know what we were up against. We didn’t know how to deal with Trump or how to beat him (we still don’t). At the same time we didn’t really have a whole lot to choose from. We had Bernie (the obvious candidate chosen by the people) & we had Hillary (the candidate picked by DNC and News organization such as CNN). This by itself created a huge divide in the democratic party. The whole thing was shady and left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth not to mention led to a huge loss for the democratic party across all the branches of the government.

The reason I (correctly) predicted that Donald Trump will become the next President of the United States was by not by watching Trump and analyzing his moves and campaign strategies, it was by simply observing how people, especially democrats were behaving. It really doesn't matter how strong your opponent is if you don’t have your (pardon my French) shit together.

All you heard from the Democrats in 2015 and 2016 was that Donald Trump is not a serious candidate, he is not a politician, he has zero experience, he is joke and he will not win. We under estimated him. Hillary Clinton felt so boastful and egoistical that she categorically ignored the industrial midwestern states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. She even went as far as calling Trump supporters, the very people she was hoping to govern, a basket of deplorables.

So the past is past, we cannot change it. All we can do is learn from it and move forward.

We are now almost 17 months away from the 2020 elections and I am here to tell you that if we don’t get our shit together, Donald Trump is going to be reelected. We cannot let the mistakes of the past haunt us forever. We cannot afford to make the same mistakes. We need to wise up and do it fast.

The real question that every American, regardless of your politics needs to do ask themselves is “Am I better off now than 3 years ago”. This questions should not have anything to do with your personal politics. It’s a gut check. Are you financially better off? Do you feel safer? Do you feel happier?

For some people the answer to that question may be a big fat YES! If that is the case, I am sincerely happy for you.

However, I know for a fact that for a lot of Americans, especially blue collared working class Americans, the answer is no.

Currently the economy is doing great. There is no denying it. You can’t fake number. However, if you look past the numbers and at people, you realize that the economy is not working for the people.

According to an article posted on

It continues:

The article is title: The United States Has a National-Security Problem — and It’s Not What You Think. It goes into detailed analysis of why most Americans are not financially doing as well as Trump is claiming they are. Sadly, It’s not just the economy that threatens a majority of Americans. On a recent episode of “The Daily” by The New York Times, Michael Barbaro covers a story about how the Trump administration has tried to dismantle regulations aimed at curbing climate change and how now officials are attempting to undermine the very science on which such policies rest. If the shock from that story doesn’t make you want to make a change, I don’t know what will.

I am not here to change your mind about Trump. If you love him, you love him.

However, if you, like many other Americans, feel like you have been duped and want to make a change, here is what you need to do.

1) Figure Out The Alternative

If not Trump then who. Who can replace him. Not beat him, replace him. Yes, I know in order for someone to replace Trump as the president they need to beat him in the 2020 election. Let’s face it though, no one can bear Trump. In order to “beat” Trump you have get naked and wrestle in the mud and a) no one can do that and b) do we really want a President that can outdo Trump in being a classless schoolyard bully?

So if we can’t beat him what’s the solution? Win over republicans. How do you do that? First thing to do is not to call them “a basket of deplorables”. The main thing to remember is that, whoever becomes the President in 2020 is going to be everyone’s President, Republican and Democrats, Blue-Collar workers and White-Collar workers, Silicon Valley techies and Detroit car manufacturers. They need to speak to all Americans and hear their concerns.

If they are not willing to address all Americans, in my opinion, they should be disqualified. There are close to 30 candidates for the democratic primary and so far only two of them have agreed to show up on Fox News and connect to the rest of the Americans who never watch CNN or MSNBC. Pete Buttigieg & Bernie Sanders have both appeared in Fox News Town Halls they both proved that there are American on the other side of the isle that not only are hurting, they like what they hear from a democratic candidate. This is huge! This is what Hillary Clinton and most of the other candidates that are running this year don’t understand. I love that about these candidates, they not only say it, they actually believe that they are running to be president of all Americans not just the democrats.

Donald Trump’s strategy for the rest of this year and 2020 is going to be divide and conquer. The democratic establishment even some new organizations (cough, cough, CNN, cough) might even help him with that. I remember in the primary debates Bernie would get standing ovations and Wolf Blitzer would be like “How is Bernie going to recover from this devastating loss against Hillary”. Really?

This brings me to:

2) Stay Informed

Don’t just watch CNN. Don’t just watch Fox News. Don’t just watch MSNBC. Don’t just read Huffington Post. Watch and ready everything!

I admit, I watch Ben Shapiro’s podcast. I watch Fox News. Not because I think CNN is fake news or that Ben Shapiro is the greatest Jewish thinker since Einstein. I watch them because they both present two sides of an argument (only one is passive aggressive and does voices though ((cough, cough Fox News, cough))) which makes me think more about the issue, do my own research on it and then form my own opinions about them. You shouldn’t trust any news organization just because you agree with their politics (cough, cough Fox News, cough). I really need to get my lungs checked out.

I find the best way to learn what a candidate is all about is to watch them speak. Youtube them, google them, watch videos and read about their accomplishments as well what they have been criticized for in the past.

The real work starts once you have learned about the candidates and picked the one that you feel would be the one to make the changes you want to see.

3) Get Involved

Donate to the campaign. Campaign for the candidates. Spread their message. Do anything you can to help them get to the finish line because not doing anything will give Donald Trump a definite shot at reelection.

It is too soon to call the 2020 election. So, anyone who says “Trump is going to win” or “Buttigieg doesn’t have a shot” is lying to you, because no one has a crystal ball.

So why did I title this piece “Donald Trump Is Going To Be Reelected”?

Just like my first story on medium, I drew a road map for Donald Trump’s victory IF we didn’t get our shit together. Unfortunately, I was too late the last time.

This time, we have 17 months until the election and if we get our shit together, we can win. We won’t be able to beat Donald Trump, but we can win over all Americans who need a change by supporting candidates who have a vision and the ability to inspire all Americans, not just one political party.

“Change is the end result of all true learning.” ~ Leo Buscaglia